The fruit of the Animus Flower that grows from the heads of those who died while infected with Algernon. When the Animus Flower finishes its life cycle it produces a single seed. This seed is what a Somnium consumes to transform.

The Animus Flower has the ability to synthesize the D-type amino acids of its human host into L-type Amino acids for its own development. The seed contains high amounts of these proteins. Since Somiums cannot digest D-type amino acids, and no other natural organism contains L-type amino acids, the seed of the Animus flower is the sole source of protein for their race.

There are different variations of Animus Fruit, and different Animus Seeds will produce a different reaction within a Somnium. Some cause a complete alteration of their genetic code, i.e. a transformation, while others have more subtle effects. The characteristic of an Animus Seed has been determined by Mode Warp to be dependant on the circumstances of a person’s death.

Animus Seeds and their effect on Somniums :

  • Seed of Aqua - Causes a transformation into Betterman Aqua
  • Seed of Forte - Causes tranformation into Betterman Forte
  • Seed of Lume - Causes transformation into Betterman Lume
  • Seed of Nebula - Causes transformation into Betterman Nebula
  • Seed of Ortus - Causes transformation into Betterman Ortus
  • Seed of Turba - Causes transformation into Betterman Turba
  • Seed of Vivele - When consumed by a Somnium, they gain the memories, voice, and take on the physical properties of the person from which the seed grows.
  • Seed of ???? - An unknown seed eaten by Lord Pakila. It greatly enhances the abilities of the Somnium who eats it.