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J-Ark Armada

J-Ark Armada

When the Purple Planet fell at the hands of their own creation, becoming the first race to be transformed into Zonderians, the other two planets in the system both took action. While Cain of the Green Planet produced a single Super Mechanoid to combat the Z-Master's ambitions (as well as those of the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol), Abel of the Red Planet took a different approach. Having reverse-engineered Cain's G-Stone to create her J-Jewel, Abel proceeded to create a division of Soldato cyborgs who were meant to work in tandem with clones of Latio (called Arma) as well as a fleet of battleships, each known as J-Ark. This well-crafted plan would be doomed to fall apart, as the inability of J-Ark, Soldato and Arma to work together effectively led to their failure and the planet's subsequent mechanization. Only two J-Arks are known to have survived the Ark Armada - one was under the control of the 31 Machine Primevals through Soldato J-019, while the other (which became known simply as J-Ark) fled to Earth with the infant Arma aboard, to await the day when its Soldato and computer core were Purified and the last Warriors of Abel reunited.

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