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Baytower base

Bay Tower Base

Home base of the Gutsy Geoid Guard, built in 2003 based upon data garnered from Galeon's databanks about the impending Zonder threat. It was constructed underneath the Space Development Corporation headquarters, using the SDC as a cover for GGG's existence, and was reachable directly through the main office of Koutarou Taiga. The Bay Tower Base housed Galeon as well as the Mobile Unit. It consisted of the core Hexagon, around which were attached six vessels that could be separated and deployed for independent functions:

The Bay Tower Base was destroyed by the arriving ZX-01, ZX-02 and ZX-03 - unbeknownst to both them and Guy Shishioh, the Hexagon was detached and escaped to orbit, where it was attached as the core component of the Orbit Base upon the foundation of the Gutsy Galaxy Guard.

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