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Another Somnium who appears later in Betterman. He has a much darker skin tone and dresses in the raiments reminiscent of a monk. Like Lamia though, he has the tell tale characteristics of his species with red sclera, access to the Limpid Channel, and, of course, the ability to take on different fighting f
orms. He first appears to confront Lamia. Bodaiju chastises the latter for twice breaking the taboo regarding Forte (Lamia transormed into Forte twice by then when his people regard the Forte Seed as weapon reserved for the use of a "leader"). He is also critical of Lamia's quest to protect Hinoki Sai, thinking such efforts would be better spent in the fight against the force named Cancer. The confrontation turns into a battle between Lamia's Nebula form and Bodaiju's Turba. The fight ends in a draw, but Bodaiju confronts Lamia once more. After working together to survive a psychic's illusion, Bodaiju agrees to assist Lamia and Seeme. The alliance is short-lived however as he is later slain by Kankel. Later on he psychically aides Lamia, bringing him the necessary components of the seed of Ortus (elaborating oh his rivalry with Lamia by asking the latter if he can handle Ortus).

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