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The Brave Command Dagwon (勇者指令ダグオン Yuusha Shirei Daguon?) is a 1996 Brave Series, created by Sunrise under the direction of Akira Oguro and Tetsuya Yanagisawa, and is the 7th entry funded by Takara and created & produced by Sunrise.

Earth is the target of the former Sargasso prisoners who took over the prison asteroid and attack our planet. To counter this, Brave Seijin (Starman, more commonly alien) chose six (initially, only five; Geki joins later on) youngsters from Earth to receive the DagBraces and turn into Dagwon, the alien aequivalent to "brave". Rai, the seventh member of the team, is an alien officer who may possibly be the support Brave Seijin claimed there was no time to call upon when the invasion began. Because of this unfortune, Brave Seijin resorted to enlisting human beings to act as their own planet's defense.

Drawing inspiration from Super Sentai, the youngsters can don battle suits by activating their DagBraces (DagCommander in Japan) with the voice command "Try Dagwon!", which grant them pseudo-elemental powers and attacks as well as amplified physical power and advanced protection. If that is not enough, they have personal vehicles at their disposal which can turn into humanoid robots. Through Assimilation Combination (融合合体 Yugo Gattai?), they assimilate their DagMachines and control their humanoid forms as if they were their own bodies. If even greater power is needed, the heroes can then merge with additional auxiliary units (DagFire & DagThunder), with subordinates (DagShadow), or even with each other (Express Command) to create more powerful forms.

In addition to the heroes, other friendly alien allies arrive to aid their quest. Lian, last survivor of his race, the Sword Seijin, who assume swords, opens up his heart to working with others and joins the team as their first ally (although he only stays on Earth so that he can ultimately kill Arch Seijin). Gunkid, who can take on the form of a jet, a tank or the powerful Mugen Ho (Infinity Cannon) for Fire Dagwon's, and later Power Dagwon's, use, was initially on Sargasso's side before he decided to help the Dagwon team. Lian proceeded to become the teacher of Gunkid.


Dagwon consists of 48 episodes, first aired on Nagoya TV from 3/2/96 to 25/1/97. It's success warranted the two-episode OVA "The Boy with Crystal Eyes", which came out in September 1997, the same year GaoGaiGar aired. The show is, as of October 2007, not licensed in the US.

It is interesting to note that, despite the series' lack of popularity among children due to its theme of young adults enlisted to fight against evil, Dagwon found an audience among young females, who enjoyed the bishonen main characters.

The TeamEdit

En DaidojiEdit

The fire warrior. Hot-headed and determined, he often locks heads with Kai, who just so happens to be his superior in school. He's the only one on the team who has two different vehicular bodies (that can merge into one).

Try Dagwon Fire En
Yugo Gattai Fire En + Fire Stratos = DagFire
Kaen (Blazing) Gattai DagFire + Fire Jumbo (Subordinates: Fire Ladder + Fire Aider) = Fire Dagwon
Goriki (Herculean) Gattai DagFire + Fire Shovel = Power Dagwon
Cho (Super) Kaen Gattai Fire Dagwon + Power Dagwon = Super Fire Dagwon
Cho (Super) Yugo Gattai En + DagBase = DagBase Robo

Liner TeamEdit

Sub-team of the series, the individual members' mecha are railway vehicles

Kai HiroseEdit

The speed warrior. Head of the student council and practicer of Kendo. Tries to remind the team of their job and that it's not only fun and games. He tends to keep En especially in line.

Try Dagwon Turbo Kai
Yugo Gattai Turbo Kai + Turbo Liner = DagTurbo
Juren (Heavy-Link) Gattai DagTurbo + DagArmor + DagWing = Liner Dagwon
Cho (Super) Juren Gattai DagTurbo + DagArmor + DagWing + DagDrill = Super Liner Dagwon

Shin SawamuraEdit

The weapons warrior. A luckless flirt who is skilled at martial arts and likes to blow stuff up.

Try Dagwon Armor Shin
Yugo Gattai Armor Shin + Armor Liner = DagArmor
Juren Gattai DagTurbo + DagArmor + DagWing = Liner Dagwon
Cho Juren Gattai DagTurbo + DagArmor + DagWing + DagDrill = Super Liner Dagwon

Yoku KazamatsuriEdit

The sky warrior. Shy and geeky, he's the brains of the team.

Try Dagwon Wing Yoku
Yugo Gattai Wing Yoku + Wing Liner = DagWing
Juren Gattai DagTurbo + DagArmor + DagWing = Liner Dagwon
Cho Juren Gattai DagTurbo + DagArmor + DagWing + DagDrill = Super Liner Dagwon

Geki KuroiwaEdit

The ground warrior. In the beginning of the series, he starts out as En`s rival, but over time they become friends as he gets more acquainted with Dagwon. Also appears jealous of Rai, and has a crush on Maria.

Try Dagwon Drill Geki
Yugo Gattai Drill Geki + Drill Liner = DagDrill
Cho Juren Gattai DagTurbo + DagArmor + DagWing + DagDrill = Super Liner Dagwon

Ryu HashibaEdit

The shadow warrior. Calm, mysterious and a puzzle even to his team members. He's the only one to have "subordinates", animal robots stored in the form of cards.

Try Dagwon Shadow Ryu
Yugo Gattai Shadow Ryu + Shadow Jet = DagShadow
Kijuu (Mechabeast) Gattai DagShadow + Guard Beasts (Guard Tiger + Guard Wolf + Guard Hawk) = Shadow Dagwon

Rai UtsumiEdit

The thunder warrior. He is an alien officer who tends to feel uncomfortable with attention from females who like him.

Try Dagwon Thunder Rai
Yugo Gattai Thunder Rai + Thunder Bike = DagThunder
Raimei (Lightning) Gattai DagThunder + Thunder Shuttle = Thunder Dagwon

The AlliesEdit

Brave SeijinEdit

The alien police officer who gave the team their powers.


A sword-shaped old warrior whose race was frozen by Arch Seijin a long time ago.


A young artillery unit who used to be corrupted by Sargasso, but eventually joined Dagwon.


An alien Dagwon officer, like Rai. Grants En the Power Shovel (and thus, is the creator of Power Dagwon). However, she is brainwashed by the Warugaia Brothers, and serves under Hido`s command afterward. She is latter freed from his control by DagTurbo.

Try Dagwon Galaxy Luna

Enemy Aliens (main characters)Edit

Arch SeijinEdit

The main villain of the first season. Destroyed Lian`s home world, and the reason for the Sword Seijin coming to Earth. Slain in a one-on-one duel with Lian, who then leaves Earth.

The Warugaia BrothersEdit


The youngest of the brothers, and first to appear in the series. Only brother to have a humanoid form. Killed by Brave Seijin.


The middle brother. He is the strongest of the three brothers, and lead a raid on DagBase toward the end of the series. Killed by the first (and only) use of the "Power Lio Sword" (Power Dagwon wielding Lian).


The eldest of the brothers. In a way, he is the "head honcho" of the three. Extremely loyal to Genocide (but then again, so are most of the villains of the series, save Gunkid). Killed by the first (and again, only use) of the "Triangle Christmas Beam" (the combined power of Super Fire Dagwon, Lian, and Gunkid).


The reason behind the Sargasso prison break. Can control any machinery (he even controls some of the members of the team, like DagTurbo and Lian, in the episode he is introduced in). However, he is killed by Super Fire Dagwon, who almost kills himself in the process.