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Brave of Gold Goldran

The Brave of Gold Goldran was intended as a throwback to the light-hearted, whimsical tone that pervaded the original three Brave Series titles, which had become somewhat subdued under the direction of the creative team that oversaw Brave Express Might Gaine and Brave Police J-Decker. Goldran follows the adventures of three young boys who are tasked with finding alien robot fighters, or Braves, that are sleeping in the form of crystals. Their major antagonist is the flamboyant and thoroughly incompetent Walter, and the villains that follow him are often similarly humorous. The entire show is extremely focused on comedy and silliness almost to the exclusion of much in the way of storytelling, although the series does develop some running plotlines towards its end. In terms of television ratings, Goldran was the peak of the Brave Series' popularity.


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