The internal schematics for the Neuronoid Tyran Quatrieme

Neuronoids (ニューロノイド Nyūronoido?) are robots created by Mode Warp. As the machine is powered by Linker Gel, two Dual Kind are required to pilot it. Each Neuronoid has two forms: The Accept Mode, which is equipped with a variety of sensors used for surveying and analysis, and the Active Mode, used in combat situations. A Neuronoid's most powerful ability is the Synapse Attack, where particles from the environment surrounding the machine are drawn in, and then unleashed in a powerful blast of synthesized substances of a specific chemical or energy to best suit the situation. Due to the rate at which Linker Gel becomes unusable, the Neuronoids can remain active only for a short time, which is one of their major handicaps. Neuronoids use living brain matter in their construction. Multiple human brains were originally used in early models as a sort of "living computer." However, what was believed to be the spirits of the deceased humans the brains were removed from eventually caused the first 3 Neuronoids to become autonomous and self-aware. As a result, current Neuronoids piloted by the protagonists use the brains of primates and dolphins instead.


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