The Greater Tokyo Area - the outline details the area of the Contra Fall

A combination defense created by EI-28 and EI-29's continuous circuits of the Capital Circle Expressway and Capital Circle Railway, consisting of the unique defenses of (in order from the outer layer proceeding inward) EI-12, EI-09, EI-17, and EI-18. However, the electromagnetic energy was heightened from the experience with EI-12, and the Grand Nova effect from EI-18 was hollow so as to provide the maximum area for the Zonder Metal Plant protected by the barrier. EI-26 was deployed immediately outside the Contra Fall in order to prevent attack by GGG or other outside forces, while EI-27 neutralized Volfogg's ability to assist by removing him from the area.

A hole in the Contra Fall was temporarily made by erasing each part, using the Eraser Head, Dividing Driver, Dimension Pliers, and Goldion Hammer in order. This allowed GaoGaiGar to enter, and his subsequent stunning of EI-28 and EI-29 caused the barrier to drop temporarily, granting ChoRyuJin access as well. Upon the latter's defeat of the two Zonderians, the Contra Fall dropped permanently.

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