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The last Disc designed for Mic Sounders the 13th, Disc F normally requires two Sounders working in concert to simultaneously duplicate the effects of Disc X and the Molecular Planar into a singular, super-destructive force. Due to the destruction of the entire Mic Force, this use seems unlikely to ever actually occur. When Disc F debuts in Episode 8 King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL, it is instead played solo by the 13th, using both his Dazzling VV keytar and his Thundering V microphones (held in the hands of his Cosmo Robo form, on either side of his mouth). This version is similar to Disc X, though automatically targeted to only destroy the enemy. This effect is accompanied by a golden hologram of GaoFighGar, who is also featured on the image of the disc, which smashes into the target wielding the Goldion Hammer. Disc F has two vocalists, and is titled Let's Final Fusion, GaoFighGar's image song.

Disc F is used to destroy the Master of Sol Percurio. It is then promptly shattered (along with Mic's disc reader and equipment) by Percurio's counterattack.

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