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Classification: G-stone driven Gao-Machine
Length: 18.2m
Weight: 298.0t
Tank Capacity: 105.0t
GS Ride Class: Classified
Engine: G Drive
Construction: G-Box Cast Frame
Maximum Output: 110,000kw (About 150,000 hp)
Flight System: Jump Booster (x6)
Flight System Thrust: 115t (x6)
Max. Running Speed: 120 km/h
Barrier System: G-Power Barrier System
Physical Defense System: Laser-Coating G Armor
Weapon Systems: (None)
Passenger Capacity: 6 Persons
Special Equipment: G-Drill
Notes: Can be transported long distances by StealthGao's Multipylons.

Takes the form of a black, double-headed drill tank. It forms the lower legs of GaoGaiGar and Star GaoGaiGar. Its dual cockpits are on top of the unit, one behind each drill. The drill is capable of separating into two units—one for each drill—and recombining afterward. It is also capable of limited flight, in addition to traveling along the ground and tunneling through it. DrillGao can further separate and fit over GaiGar's arms, giving it a form of attack subtly stronger than that of its Claw Arm.

It is controlled by the Super-AIs of FuRyu and RaiRyu in the final battle of the television series.

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