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Drill Knee is the only attack mode used by GaoGaiGar that is not formally named, though it is named in specifications and called by name in the Super Robot Wars series. As its name suggests, it is simply a high-velocity lunge at the enemy using one of GaoGaiGar's knee-mounted drills. This is an attack usually used only in times of desperation or while in midair.

GaoFighGar's Drill Knee is similar to GaoGaiGar's Drill Knee, using GaoFighGar's "expanding" drill model that drives further into the enemy. (The nature of the expanding drill permits GaoFighGar to use this move while on the ground, in addition to its standard use in midair.)

Genesic GaoGaiGar's Drill Knees are called by name, as the left and right legs are equipped with different types of drills - Straight Drill and Spiral Drill.

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