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EI 14


EI-14 final form

Robot form

EI-14 is a "Military Transport Robo" whose host is Dave, and was transformed by Pizza. It became very good at strategy, using one or more decoy planes to trick GGG while he was ordered to go after Mamoru and his colleagues. Although managing to capture two of Mamoru's colleagues, and outwitting in strategy even Volfogg, he was eventually outbeat by the latter's sheer resistence and abilities.

It is however at one point close to destroying both Volfogg and Mamoru, the first protecting the latter, but is stopped in time by GaoGaiGar. Guy states that attacking a couple of kids with that much firepower is unforgivable. EI-14 makes a last attempt at stopping GaoGaiGar with the same traps that he caught the kids, and at first manages to succeed partially thanks to the fog blocking GaoGaiGar's systems from fully operating, however the intervetion of ChoRyuJin and his Eraser Head weapon are able to fully dissipate the fog, severly tipping the advantages towards GaoGaiGar and allowing him to completely overpower the Zonder.

It is eventually purified by Mamoru.