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EI 15




EI15 2

EI-15 performing Broken Magnum

The "GGG Mecha Parts Robo" appeared in episode 15. Formed from the combination of Minoru Inubouzaki (formerly merged with the GGG Bay Tower Base operating system) with spare parts used for GaoGaiGar and the Mobile Unit. Extremely similar in design to GaoGaiGar, to the point of featuring its Zonder Core in the place of GaoGaiGar's crown G-Stone. Was able to perform Broken Magnum (though like GaoFighGar, it only pulled back its arm rather than holding it up, and the forearm and hand spun in the same direction) as well as an attack similar to Hell and Heaven. Though it did not actually perform Protect Shade, it possessed the emitters to do so on its left forearm. In addition, it had a large drill mounted on its chest (which never saw use), and could extend both of its arms to an extremely long distance without using Broken Magnum (by means of parts from HyoRyu and EnRyu's Power Crane/Ladder).

Though it fared well against Volfogg and initially matched GaoGaiGar in capabilities, EI-15 was beaten by the true Hell and Heaven - according to Kousuke Entouji, because an imposter never has that which makes the original, the hero's proof. The strain of using Hell and Heaven against EI-15 took its toll, however, in that Cyborg Guy was left nearly comatose from the strain on his cybernetic parts.

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