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EI 16


EI-16 tank
Stressed student

The host.

"Long-range Cannon Robo." Created through Polonaise's infusion of Zonder Metal into a man cramming for the examinations to enter Tokyo University, fused with the lost German Schwerer Gustav rail cannon Dora. (This is a fictional situation, as Dora was found in post-war Germany.) It was capable of firing 80 cm shells at supersonic speed and could control parts of the track it sat on as well. During its rampage it targeted several of Japan's major universities with incredible accuracy and left craters in the form of meteors, but was stopped from destroying Tokyo University by ChoRyuJin. Thanks to information obtained from Volfogg GGG had discovered that it was impossible for the Zonder to have been firing rounds with angles perpendicular to the tracks, therefore it could only be firing from the tracks switching points, plus all of its targets had been stricken at noon. Using this information, GGG dispatched GaoGaiGar and Volfogg towards the railway near Gunmaken for a surprise attack. The Zonder bit the bait and emerged from the tunnel at 12:00, to which GaoGaiGar responded by forming behind the Zonder, but this backfired when the Zonder managed to not only control the tracks and tie down GaoGaiGar, but also managed to switch its position to point his massive cannon at Guy. It then fired at GaoGaiGar, but was blocked at the last minute by the Dividing Driver at the cost of GaoGaiGar's left arm due to the huge force the shell had which could not be completely depleted by the Dividing Driver.

It was destroyed by a Broken Magnum and the backfire of its own shell - the core was protected by Big Volfogg's Mirror Coating.

Despite being a Zonder, EI-16 did not display an actual ability to transform into a Zonder Robo. It was only shown to change its direction, but considering that the robot head is visible in the original form, it's possible that EI-16 does not have an actual robot form.

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