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Appears in the PlayStation videogame King of Braves GaoGaiGar: Blockaded Numbers. Its core is Geki Hyuuma. Combines with EI-72.

EI-72/EI-73 CombinationEdit

Appears in the PlayStation videogame The King of Braves GaoGaiGar: Blockaded Numbers. Absorbs the counter gravity shockwave generating Goldion Motor tool developed at NASA; is thus able to generate a field with which to counter the Goldion Hammer's attack. Also held two decoy Zonder Cores in addition to its own (which GaoGaiGar was lured into retrieving during use of Hammer Hell and Heaven).

The method in which it is destroyed varies, depending on path taken in the game:

  • By GaoGaiGar, using a special dual-core retrieval version of Hell and Heaven (whose motion is guided by the dolphin Valner from the previous scenario);
  • By King J-Der, wielding a Jewel Generator-enhanced Goldymarg as the "Silverion Hammer," whose combined energies are able to break through the counter shockwave;
  • By GaoGaiGar, using the NASA-developed Grand Pressure tool;
  • By King J-Der, using the J-Quath twice in succession, only interrupted by a brief kick to EI-72/EI-73 before the second use of the J-Quath.

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