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Episode Eighteen: Hunger Edit

With their nightmares finally behind them, Keita and Hinoki are enjoying some much-needed relaxation on a school outing deep in the woods. Meanwhile, the rest of the Akamatsu Industries team is learning about the latest advancements in transplant technology at a nearby biomedical facility.

The team takes a break from its studies for a steak lunch. Maybe they've consumed too much wine, but the team members soon begin to act very peculiar -- so much so that Kaede sends Keita and Hinoki a distress signal.

When the pair arrive at the facility it's completely abandoned. That doesn't mean Keita won't be his usual cowardly self: He abandons Hinoki after being scared off by what turns out to be a pile of laundry.

Thanks to Keita's cowardice, he and Hinoki find Sakura. She's lying on the floor next to the table where the team ate lunch, and she doesn't look good.

Keita carries Sakura toward an exit. This proves to be a mistake. It's not that Sakura is too heavy; it's that she suddenly has a strong desire to eat him. Keita drops Sakura before she can sink her teeth into his neck, but it isn't long before he and Hinoki are surrounded by hungry zombies, several of whom used to be their allies!

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