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Episode Eight: Poison Edit

Barely clinging to life, Betterman somehow manages to reach out for the seed that lets him mutate into Forte: his strongest form yet. He again takes on the Behemoth -- with greater success this time -- enabling the Akamatsu Industries team to escape the crumbling Ajanta Caves.

Everyone manages to make it out alive, but the trip has taken its toll on Sakura Akamatsu, who upon awakening from a strange dream finds herself in a hospital bed surrounded by her friends. Keita decides to pay her a visit after school, but Hinoki, acting rather peculiar, opts not to join him.

His visit is a short one, however, as a nurse whisks Sakura away for some more treatment. Before she goes, Sakura makes Keita promise that he'll stay until she gets back, but what was a simple trip to the bathroom will make him wish that he hadn't given his word to her.

Opening the wrong door on the way back to her room, Keita stumbles upon shelves filled with jars of fingernails. Taking exception to his strange discovery is a nurse armed with long razorlike nails, and she of course begins to chase him. He manages to escape, freeing Sakura along the way, while also meeting up with Hinoki, who's had an apparent change of heart about visiting her ill friend.

Hinoki doesn't say much before collapsing, bloody scratches running the length of her back. Standing behind her is an army of nurses, each armed with poisonous fingernails.

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