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Episode Eleven: Nebula Edit

Even the most successful company is bound to have a few missteps along the way, and Akamatsu Industries is no exception. The only difference is that Mr. Akamatsu will be eternally grateful for one failure in particular. The invention -- a device that can replicate and mass-produce any scent -- bombed commercially and was simply taking up space in his warehouse until Akamatsu surmised that it could be used to defeat the horde of man-eating worms that had invaded his headquarters.

Though his plan worked, the adventure is apparently Akamatsu Industries' last as a subcontractor for Mode Warp in the hunt for Algernon. His employees are scared to death by all they've seen, and Miyako Asami no longer wants to place them -- specifically Keita and Hinoki -- in danger.

She's informed Akamatsu that two new head divers have already received their training, and all that's left for him to do is turn over the neuronoids to Mode Warp. Asami won't have time for any teary farewells, however, as she's off to consult with Dr. Umezaki, an old acquaintance, hoping to find some answers concerning the nature of the creatures they've recently encountered.

Umezaki instead seems more concerned about talking about Betterman, something that shocks Asami but is still not as shocking as what he'll show her at his laboratory. The Akamatsu Industries team receives a shock of its own as well, as Sakura reveals that Asami is going to be killed.

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