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Eraser head

Eraser Head

Tool used exclusively by ChoRyuJin to redirect nearly any form of explosive energy out of the Earth's atmosphere and into space. It consists of two components: a handheld portion and a forward tank section or "warhead." This "warhead" may remain attached to the weapon in use, or launched at the target as needs warrant; regardless of the fashion the "warhead" is used in, it disintegrates when its energy is exhausted.

At least ten of these warheads are held in reserve at GGG (as assumed from the number used in Episode 19 of the television series). They come in three sizes, determining the strength of the effect. The standard warhead, labeled "E-99;" is the basic type that is used for low-level explosive energies. The largest (called "Eraser Head XL" in FINAL), labeled "E-9999", redirects more energy that the E-99 type cannot.

In Number 34, ChoRyuJin uses a variant, called an "Electromagnetic Eraser," to disperse the energy surrounding the 4th of the Primevals, Legs.

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