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Episode Fifteen: Shadow Edit

Temporarily put out of action when the Kakuseijin runs out of fuel, Keita finds an interesting way to pass the time -- by asking Hinoki out on a date. Perhaps her mind was still clouded by the effects of Dr. Umezaki's giant pheromone-producing flower, but Hinoki actually agrees to it, assuming they manage to survive all of the horrors contained within the laboratory.

They survive, as does the rest of the Akamatsu Industries team, and do in fact go out. While riding the train to their first stop, a noodle house, Miyako Asami briefs the others on what they've learned so far. All of their recent troubles, the man-eating worms, the hospital, and the Ajanta Caves, had one thing in common: Dr. Umezaki.

Far from the disturbing news, Keita and Hinoki have finished eating, and he's looking to set the right mood. They head off to explore some caves, but they only serve to remind Hinoki of her family's disappearance. She then leads Keita through the woods to an empty house, one that belonged to her family after they moved away from his neighborhood.

After comforting his distraught friend, Keita finally makes his move, only to be interrupted by a strange old man: one who bears a striking resemblance to the person who gave Li-Chan the bell that helped ward off the worms. What is the man up to? If it's a situation that requires Betterman's help, Keita and Hinoki are out of luck because their hero has his hands full with another of his kind.

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