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Episode Five: Hell Edit

With the attacks becoming more frequent, Akamatsu Industries and Mode Warp are going to need all the help they can get in the battle against Algernon. With that in mind, talented Head Divers Shou Yanagi and Kaede Kurenai are summoned from Mode Warp France, and they've brought with them the Tyran, a Kakuseijin-like neuronoid.

After his previous experience at Bottom World, it's the last place Keita ever thought he would find himself. The link between the recent incident at his school and the amusement park where Keita's affiliation with Akamatsu Industries first began is too strong to ignore, however, so here he is again.

This time, though, it's the beautiful Kaede, and not Hinoki, operating the Kakuseijin with him. Unlike her fellow team members, Hinoki -- bitter about losing her position -- is slow to heap praise upon Kaede and her unique ability to predict when an object is approaching. All the flirting going on between Keita and Kaede isn't helping matters, either.

Is there a hint of jealousy in the air? Whatever her reasons for being angry, Hinoki needn't worry about being out of action for long, because the Kakuseijin has apparently been hit and all transmission has been lost. She and Yanagi board Tyran to search for their missing friends, but it isn't long before the Akamatsu Industries command center loses contact with them as well.

Tyran has apparently been tampered with, leading Yanagi to believe that the enemy is among them, his or her mind warped by Algernon. If he's right, the list of suspects may have just shrunk considerably, because Tyran comes under attack... by the Kakuseijin.

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