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Final 01 Cover

FINAL.01: 勇者王新生! YuushaOh shinsei!; The King of Braves is Reborn!

Taking place well after the end of the series, GaoGaiGar FINAL tracks the events surrounding the Q-Parts, mysterious black machines that possess powerful energy conversion properties. Episode 1 begins with the criminal organization BioNet having stolen one of the Q-Parts being researched at CERN, and serves primarily to introduce the changes to the main cast since the end of the series. Guy debuts in his new Super Mechanoid GaoFighGar, a combination of upgraded GaoMachines and the reconfiguring jet PhantomGao that was built to replace Galeon after the latter's departure from Earth at the end of the series. This episode also introduces the new cast, including Guy's cousin Renais-Kardif Shishio and the biologist Papillon Noir, a character first introduced in Betterman. The end of the episode sees the appearance of an off-color Mamoru Amami, who was also briefly seen at the start of the episode doing battle with a resurrected Ikumi Kaidou.

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