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Final 02 Cover

FINAL.02: 破壊神! 嵐の決戦! Hakaishin! Arashi no kessen! God of Destruction! Decisive Battle in the Storm!

Episode 2 tracks Mamoru as he takes the rest of the Q-Parts, either by guile or by force, and assembles them into their full form, a matter replication device known as the Pas-Q Machine. In the process, Papillon is killed, and Guy takes after Mamoru. The encounter ends in a battle between GaoFighGar and a copy of GaoGaiGar using Mamoru and a bleached version of Galeon as the core component. The battle ends in Guy's victory (at the cost of the helper robo Goldymarg, causing Guy to use Hell and Heaven as his finishing move once again), and both Mamoru and Galeon are revealed to be replicants that dissolve into sand. The machine is promptly taken by a mysterious man with butterfly wings, and GGG prepares to take after him into space.

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