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Final 05 Cover

FINAL.05: 復活の白き方舟

Episode 5 is the remainder of Guy's fight with Palparepa, followed by Mikoto's awakening from her slumber. Papillon reveals that Mikoto is an invincible lifeform like the new machine species Zonuda, and thus was able to recover from the nerve-relaxing Paras Particles Palparepa had spread across the Repli-Earth. Papillon begins work on an antidote, while Mikoto goes to find the imprisoned Soldato J, now mankind's last hope. In the process, she meets the real Mamoru, who had been in the Trinary Solar System for a year and a half. Upon meeting and freeing J (with the help of Renais), Mikoto is attacked by the Sol Masters Pillnus and Pia Decem, respectively Renais and J's counterparts. The heroes escape on the reborn J-Ark, which is dragged up into the upper atmosphere and forced to do battle with replicants of the entire Mobile Unit and a replica of GaoFighGar piloted by none other than Guy, now under Palparepa's control.