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Episode Fourteen: Soul Edit

Though they've managed to defeat Dr. Umezaki's army of insects, the Akamatsu Industries team is lured back to his laboratory, where they are overcome by a sweet smell that affects their ability to think clearly. Betterman won't be coming to the rescue, either, as he's imprisoned in a tomb of mushrooms, awaiting dissection by the doctor.

The "good" doctor, however, failed to take into account the existence of a second Betterman, this one a female named Lume. She has apparently defeated by the doctor's creatures as well, but not before destroying the giant flower that was the source of the mind-altering scent.

Freed from its spell, the Tyran and its crew set out to investigate what has happened in the laboratory above them. They don't get very far, however, as they are attacked by King Behemoth, the largest of Umezaki's creatures. With Tyran quickly defeated, the monster turns its attention toward the Kakuseijin. Out of fuel, Keita and Hinoki flee, but encounter Dr. Umezaki, an equally frightening sight.

The doctor reveals to them that he was a good friend of Hinoki's father, a good enough friend to go looking for her family in the Ajanta Caves when word arrived that they were missing. Though his search failed, Umezaki did find the Animus flower, the source of Betterman's power.

What does he plan to do with that knowledge? Keita and Hinoki know, but the information will be of little use to them, as Umezaki orders the King Behemoth to finish them off once and for all.

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