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Division V: Instantaneous Material Genesis Warship FutsunushiEdit

Seen only in the novel King of Braves GaoGaiGar Queen of Leo. Deactivated division ship built in France by Chasseur for GGG's use. It contained a special function that utilized the properties of a GS-Ride to build and mass-produce any material or machine. This behavior reminded GGG too much of the properties of Zonder Metal; for fear of its uncontrolled use, the ship's engine was removed and the ship itself ordered sealed. Thereafter, it was used for storage of the Molecule Plane tool and the Futsunushi-constructed Super-AI machines KouRyu and AnRyu.

BioNet would later steal this ship and utilize it (using KouRyu's GS-Ride as a power source) to create the machine G-Gigantesque in a bid to annihilate Paris.