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GaGaGatchi poster from Keita Aono's room.

Titlular main character of the children's animated television series GaGaGatchi airing on the Japanese BNB television network. Small, gnome-like creature wearing armor bearing a vague resemblance to GaoGaiGar. Holds a shield emblazoned with the letter "G" in his left hand and wields a large hammer (also called "GaGaGatchi") in his right.

Sueo Ushiyama also mentions that he can wield a "Blade of Justice." His brothers mention the existence of another one of his weapons, the "GaGaGa Cutter."

One of GaGaGatchi's attacks with the "GaGaGatchi" hammer is "Final GaGaGatchi," in which he swings it above his head with both hands and brings it down onto his opponent.

GaGaGatchi's name is derived from "GaGaGaZi," Studio 7's original name for GaoGaiGar at the start of production.

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