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GadgetGao (ガジェットガオー Gajetto Gaoo?) forms Genesic GaoGaiGar's lower arms, hands, back, tail and helmet, as well as Galeon's mane. Modeled after a bird of prey. Its long neck is broken up into nine sections (counting the head), which can detach and reconfigure themselves into five different "Gadget Tools". Combined, they effectively simulate every tool possessed by the original GaoGaiGar, with the exception of the Goldion Hammer. Proceeding inwards from the head:

  • The head becomes the right-hand mounted Will Knife.
  • The second and third sections become the left-hand mounted Bolting Driver (A-Type).
  • The fourth section becomes the Galloreia Road, though there is debate as to whether it is in fact "Galloreia Load". This tool has not seen use, and all that is known for certain is that it is mounted over both hands. The generally accepted theories are that it may be usable to open an ES Window, or that it may be a powerful offensive weapon on a scale with the Goldion Crusher (this seems more likely, as it would be used to destroy Pisa Sol).
  • The fifth, sixth, and seventh sections layer over Genesic GaoGaiGar's expanded hands, forming massive claws for use with Hell and Heaven.
  • The eighth and ninth sections become the Bolting Driver (B-Type), which is also said to be mounted on the right hand. It may be that this type is built to be usable for performing the Double-Head Driver technique used in the television series.

GadgetGao may be capable of self-repairing - though its head is destroyed in combat with Palparepa Prajna, and for several shots it is missing from the tail, it is later seen unharmed and reattached.

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