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Components: Cyborg Guy + Galeon

Result of successful Fusion between a humanoid capable of using G-Stone energy (Cyborg Guy) and the Green Planet's

Green Planet

mechanical lion, Galeon. GaiGar is usually just an intermediate step prior to Final Fusion into GaoGaiGar.

When in this form, GaiGar can use Galeon's thrusters for increased jumping height and range (although not, oddly enough, flight). Galeon's claws can also swing over GaiGar's hands (noted in specifications as the Claw Arm ability) to allow for increased cutting power.

Further, GaiGar is also capable of utilizing two of the GaoMachines for its own ends (without need of Final Fusion): DrillGao can split and fit over GaiGar's arms to allow for greater striking power, and StealthGao can latch onto its back for long-range atmospheric flight - using both, he is referred to as S.D. GaiGar.



The exact mechanism by which Guy controls GaiGar is unclear, as he can only be seen in a bright "room". This room appears to be located within Galeon's lion mouth, and can be entered by others: Palparepa does so twice, once with his God and Devil attack and once to attack Guy directly. Additionally, Galeon retains its personality while in GaiGar mode, and occasionally growls or reacts.