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A bright green comet that connects the Solar System and the Trinary Solar System, the Galeorea Comet was a special type of ES Window that connected the two universes. It was first used by Cain to send Galeon to Earth, with his infant son Latio aboard, and was later used by J-Ark and EI-01. It can be presumed that the 31 Machine Primevals also used the Galeorea Comet to come to Earth. At the end of King of Braves GaoGaiGar, Mamoru and Galeon departed to the Trinary Solar System using the Comet.

The next usage of the Comet would be several months prior to King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL, when it was used by the returning Mamoru in order to give the Pas-Q Machine to GGG - with Pia Decem PIT in pursuit, it was handed off to Ikumi Kaidou and Mamoru returned with the J-Ark. Repli-Mamoru and Repli-Galeon were later sent to retrieve the Pas-Q Machine via the Comet - once again Pia Decem PIT followed, this time bringing Palparepa and Pillnus onboard. Upon their retreat, the Gutsy Galaxy Guard gave chase - at this point the Comet closed, effectively sealing everyone in the Trinary Solar System.

The Galeorea Comet's path was located somewhere past Earth's orbit, and it could be reached only at certain times. Most major events in GaoGaiGar continuity coincide with an arrival of the comet. The 11 Planetary Masters of Sol were apparently able to control the Comet, as they shut it in an attempt to prevent GGG from entering the Trinary Solar System through it.

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