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In sufficiently large quantities, the G-Stone begins to produce a different sort of energy from the normal type. Known as G-Crystals, these behemoth G-Stones produce an aura of destructive power known as the Genesic Aura, which, much like The Power, is orange, but brighter, in contrast to the normal green glow produced by the G-Stone, and has the unique ability to neutralize the power of Loud G-Stones. Galeon was designed to absorb and channel the Genesic Aura from the G-Crystal left in the Trinary Solar System, allowing it to be the core component of Genesic GaoGaiGar. Almost all of this GaoGaiGar's Broken and Protect moves incorporate the power of the Genesic Aura, making them horrendously powerful.

On its own, Galeon could release the Genesic Aura as an attack form - this was a massively upgraded version of its former roar.

It is possible that another Brave had access to the Genesic Aura - the ultimate melee attack of Dai Layzelber, from Quantum Leap Layzelber, was called Genesic Lancer.

Genesic is the conjugated form of genesis, meaning "from the origin" or "original" when placed before a noun - such as GaoGaiGar.

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