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Genesic GaiGar

Genesic GaiGar


Genesic GaiGar

Components: Evoluder Guy + Galeon with original program

Seen in King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL. The undamaged, true version of GaiGar, having absorbed the Genesic Aura from the G-Crystal. The only notable differences (save for a completely remastered Fusion sequence) are in the skirt armor and the fact that only Genesic GaiGar's lower torso spins during Final Fusion (as opposed to the original, where GaiGar as a whole would spin around.) Capable of high-speed space flight (and possibly atmospheric flight as well). Though Genesic GaiGar is only armed with an improved Claw Arm attack, known as Genesic Claw, it fares spectacularly at first against the cubes used by the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol.

Genesic GaiGar has its own dedicated support machines, the Genesic Machines, with which it conducts Final Fusion to form the ultimate Super Mechanoid, Genesic GaoGaiGar.

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