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Transforming helicopter GunMachine mecha used by GGG personnel and its Intelligence Unit's Super-AI robot Volfogg. Can receive commands (via manual or remote control) to System Change into a nine-meter-tall humanoid robot form.

During Sanmi Ittai, GunGlue becomes the left arm of Big Volfogg, its rotor forming the Murasame Sword. When Big Volfogg performs Chou Bunshin Sappou, its silhouette takes the form of a bird of prey; its head design in FINAL reflects this.

GunGlue acts on direct commands and does not contain a Super-AI (although during the fight against EI-27, it can be seen looking up towards Volfogg, as though to ask for him to hurry).

The "Glue" in its name is likely a misromanization of the "gle" at the end of the word "eagle."