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The ID5.

A secret crack task force within the Japanese Defense Agency, formed to combat terrorism and crimes of misapplied science. Was formed more than ten years prior to the existence of GGG. Their membership was as follows:

Blue Monkey and Black Crow were killed (and Momoko Kuuga had disappeared) in ID5's final mission in 1995, where they were tasked with retrieving the stolen element Jupiter-X from the criminal organization BioNet. This drastic loss of membership prompted the Japanese government to disband ID5, leaving Taiga and Hyuuma to go their separate ways.

in 2005, Momoko Kuuga resurfaced as a double agent for BioNet in the audiodrama "ID5 Forever..." in an attempt to deceive Taiga and Hyuuma into helping her retrieve the Jupiter-X for herself.

The membership of ID5 was the first known organization to use ID Armor (then known as "ID Suits") in the field, designed by "Doctor L".

ID5 seems to have been created as an homage to the Sentai genre of live-action shows in Japan.

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