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The signature finishing move of King J-Der, utilized in the extraction and retrieval of Zonder Cores and Z Crystals. A gigantic arc-shaped device mounted under King J-Der's right arm like a bow or boomerang; stored beneath the nose cone in J-Ark form. When fired, the arc utilizes the properties of Generating Armor in a less-inhibited mode to surround the arc with a crimson "aura" in the shape of a bird, at which point it flies out and pierces through the target before flying back to King J-Der. When used against Primevals, it returns the Primeval core to King J-Der's hand. The J-Quath ranks favorably in terms of sheer power with Xiang Tou Long, but is slightly outclassed by the Goldion Hammer, which eats away its Generating Armor too quickly for the J-Quath to pierce it.

The J-Quath can be fired even if J-Der is currently seperated from J-Ark - it only does so once, against Arm Primeval. The result, however, is the same.

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