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A Chasseur Super-AI robot, model number GBR-9. Her name means "Light Dragon" and is the latest Super-AI robot developed utilising G-Stone technology. Her vehicle mode is a pink combat truck, a large vehicle with a single Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, or MASER, array mounted on a crane arm. KouRyu is also AnRyu's sister and the two of them are shown working well together. She has a cheerful, bubbly personality that belies her highly advanced processing speed, HyoRyu affectionately calls her a tomboy in episode 1 of FINAL. Her primary attack is "Primrose no Tsuki", or "Primrose Moon", which is simply a blast from her shoulder-mounted MASER. KouRyu also possesses an internal Projectile-X in place of the regular chest attack, which is designed to overload a target with G-Stone energy. Though KouRyu's ability to land properly after aerial deployment is never shown, she has similarly comical difficulty maneuvering in space using an SP Pack, particularly when it comes to stopping. Together with AnRyu she can perform symmetrical docking with to form TenRyuJin.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

KouRyu's main weapon, in vehicle mode the weapon is mounted on her right shoulder when in use and fires a powerful microwave beam. Like AnRyu's Missile Launcher, it can be used in both forms.
A smaller version of the Projectile-X built into KouRyu's chest, it barrages the enemy with G-Stone energy.
When reaching 100% SympaRate with AnRyu the two can dock together to form TenRyuJin.
  • System Change
Like all the other GGG Robot Mobile Units, KouRyu can perform a system change from vehicle mode to robot form and back. In her vehicle mode she takes the shape of a pink combat truck, the MASER hangs over the front of the windshield.


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Notes & TriviaEdit

  • KouRyu's system before Symmetrical Docking is in French, along with Chasseur's literal translation of "Hunter" suggests that AnRyu was built by the French government or organisation.
  • KouRyu's voice actor Yukari Tamura also voices AnRyu and TenRyuJin.