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World barrier reef areas

(Top Left)

GS-Ride-powered surface sea craft with blue-colored trim docked on "Area II," or the West position of the Hexagon. Docked with the Hexagon folded in half; unfolded upon reaching the surface to reveal a craft resembling a conventional-looking supply ship. Stored within the central "hinge" on the upper surface of the ship was a cannon from which the Eraser Head or Dividing Driver could be launched. (When fired from the cannon, either tool was encased in a breakaway jacket to shield it from the launch blast.)

The Dimension Pliers and Goldion Hammer were also deployed from this ship; when the Goldion Hammer was incorporated into the GGG Multi-Robo Goldymarg, he used this ship as his base as well, usually firing from its cannon to deploy.

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