Classification: G-stone driven Gao-Machine
Type: GaoMachine
Length: 24.6m
Weight: 55.4t
Tank Capacity: 5.2t
GS Ride Class: Classified
Engine: G Drive
Construction: G-Box Cast Frame
Maximum Output: 50,000kw (About 75,000 hp)
Flight System: Jump Thruster
Flight System Thrust: 120t (x2)
Max. Running Speed: 526 km/h
Barrier System: G-Power Barrier System
Physical Defense System: Laser-Coating G Armor
Passenger Capacity: 4 Persons
Special Equipment: Variable Coupler
Notes: The Variable Coupler allows it to connect with various types of train cars

Modeled after a 500 Series Shinkansen bullet train, LinerGao is the least used of the GaoMachines for the simple reason that not counting Polonaise only three Zonders run on rails. Blue and white in color, LinerGao forms the shoulders and upper arms of GaoGaiGar and Star GaoGaiGar. It has a cockpit at either end, the interiors of which are resistant to the effects of Hell and Heaven. It can split into two sections in order to accomodate a trailer to carry the Dividing Driver.  LinerGao is also capable of at least limited flight, despite not seeming to have thrusters of any sort mounted on it - however, it does not do this except for during Final Fusion. For reasons unknown (possibly superior mobility and design), LinerGao is replaced with LinerGao II on all subsequent GaoGaiGar-series Super Mechanoids.

During the last battle with the New Machine Species, LinerGao is jointly controlled by the Super-AIs of HyoRyu and EnRyu.