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Mic Force Info

NASA-built Super-AI robots, model numbers XCR-1 through XCR-12, the Mic Force consists of the twelve

predecessors of Mic Sounders the 13th. Their only cosmetic difference is that many areas that are red on the 13th (CosmoRobo Mode: Head, Feet, and Hands, BoomRobo Mode: Hips, Forearms, and miniature Back Arms) are the same light blue as the rest of the body on the first twelve.

The Mic Sounders Force, while occasionally quite powerful, is often less effective than the 13th acting alone. The 1st through 12th also have a tendency to be destroyed in any serious combat with surprising regularity. All twelve perish at Jupiter in the battle with the Primevals.

Mic Force

The Mic Force with Mic Sounders the 13th.

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