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World barrier reef areas

(Bottom Right)

GS-Ride-powered submersible vehicle with purple trim docked on "Area V," or the East position of the Hexagon. Docked with the Hexagon folded in half; unfolded when deployed. Designed and built for the use of GGG's Intelligence Unit, and specifically the vehicle where the GGG Super-AI Vehicle Machine Volfogg was usually stationed.

It was equipped with a "Multi-Dimensional Computer," designed by Kousuke Entouji to be independent of the Bay Tower Base's own computers; this computer was capable of rapid analysis and evaluation of any tactical situation. Was also given a self-destruct program—meant to only be used as a last-resort measure—and a detachable aircraft called "Fly 1" docked on its front upper bow. (The latter was never used in the television series.)

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