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Episode Nineteen: Mirror Edit

The Akamatsu Industries team manages to overcome the effects of the gas that had turned them into man-eating zombies, but they may never fully understand what happened, since the man apparently behind it all has disappeared and it's still unclear what his motives were and who he worked for. One thing is certain, however: Kaede was the intended target.

When the Superhuman Federation calls Akamatsu headquarters looking to make her a job offer, the team quickly puts two and two together. According to Miyako Asami, the unwanted caller is a research and development company with some high-profile clients, and someone with Kaede's abilities can only help them with their expansion plans.

For the Superhuman Federation, taking Kaede away from the team is "just business," even if that means manipulating the neuronoids or causing the group to suffer through horrible nightmares.

While the Akamatsu team heads off to ModeWarp to gather information and plot its next move against this new threat, Keita and Hinoki are putting the finishing touches on their school's funhouse. Keita does too good of a job on the house of mirrors, however, and is unable to find his way out. Hinoki can only shake her head at his stupidity, until she herself is trapped.

Their Akamatsu teammates, meanwhile, experience mirror difficulties of their own -- mirror images that attack their deepest insecurities. Is the Superhuman Federation again making itself a nuisance, or is it something much worse?

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