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Episode Nine: Aqua Edit

Trouble seems to follow Keita everywhere he goes, and the hospital where Sakura is receiving treatment is no exception, as he is pursued by medical staff brandishing razor-sharp nails filled with a deadly toxin.

Rescuing Sakura, the two find themselves at the foot of a pool filled with bodies in floating capsules. They also bump into Hinoki, who originally decided not to join Keita at the hospital but changed her mind in time to suffer deadly scratches across her back. Worse still, those responsible are standing right behind her.

They've run out of poison, however, and summon from the pool the creature responsible for supplying it. Betterman comes to their aid and destroys the monster, but Keita, Hinoki, and Sakura are doused with the toxin it produces in the process.

Betterman uses his remarkable healing abilities to save them, but both hospital staff and body-filled capsules disappear through a hole in the wall, one barely the size of a single person. How they were all able to escape so quickly is a mystery, but where they ended up, aboard a giant freighter, isn't.

All radio contact with the three vessels sent to investigate the ship has been lost, prompting Akamatsu Industries to get involved. The company is at a disadvantage, though, as Yanagi has mysteriously disappeared, meaning Akamatsu can only operate one neuronoid at a time. What will that mean for Hinoki and Kaede when they get into trouble underwater while aboard Tyran? Keita thinks he has the answer.

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