Cleanup Go! Carpenters!

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A complete night in the middle of day befalls Tokyo and it is revealed the Pizza is responsible, by turning a man smoking a cigar while wanting to be like a cloud - lethal combination, now turned into EI-09. Mamoru feels guilty for this and has a flashback on not going in a balloon ride with Hana, feeling yet again guilty for putting her in danger. Guy tells him it's not his fault and that they will be saved.

In the meantime, the GGG finds EI's "mouth" and has a daring plan to insert GaiGar through it, warning that if they make a wrong move, the creature may blow up the entire city. Guy goes, and surely enough, passes out, having a sort of flashback from before the accident, talking to Mikoto. The dream ends with her giving him an amulet, and he wakes up, only to be happy he still has it.

After this, his weapons are given to him, and in the meantime he locates the balloons swallowed by the EI, freeing them with the Dividing Driver. The cloud explodes over the city, but not before he takes its core, and the other two robots clear the blast with Eraser Head.

Although the mission was accomplished, Guy has a bad feeling of what he saw inside the cloud.

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