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The researcher discovers the element in Zonders different from anything found on Earth and names it Z0, making appropriate devices to detect this new material. Meanwhile, a "wild bike", as it was dubbed by the population turns out to be EI-10, but is very elusive.

With (new) information from Mamoru saying that a zonder can turn back to a human (although it was never displayed in previous episodes), three of the team members - Geki Hyuuma, Swan White and the scientist - search for it, but loose half the episode chasing red herrings.

When the zonder is revealed, it uses some tricks to try to destroy GaoGaiGar from the inside, through tens of little bikes. Mamoru joins and identifies the original and GGG only has to destroy it.

At the end of the episode, Leo Shishioh voices his concerns regarding Z0, and if it spreads, it may contaminate all humanity.

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