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Episode 12 is basically a recap. The GGG team realizes the G Stone and Zonder Metal are actually made from the same material, but, as described by professor Leo, act like anti-matter next to each other and should not collide at full force, which may have grave consequences on the Earth itself. Guy talks over with Volfogg about their technical abilities and which are operative. After that, a short sparring contest starts, where, although technically outmaneuvered, GaoGaiGar uses Guy's rage to win - this goes fairly unnoticed, despite the incident in the first episode.

In the Zonderians headquarters, they analyze the robots' capabilities and observe the real threat is not GaoGaiGar, but the child who can turn their hosts back to humans, Mamoru, after which decide his elimination is top priority.

Meanwhile, Mamoru's parents find out they won a vacation to Okinawa. Mamoru invites Hana, as the vacation is for two. Mamoru's mother is again worried about the chance that the "Polar Lion" would come to take her son back.

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