Cleanup Go! Carpenters!

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The episode starts with the presentation of Minoru Inubouzaki disliking of Kousuke Entouji, and we soon observe he is ready to infiltrate the Gutsy Geoid Guard as a Zonder, EI-15. The facility is taken over relatively fast, with Guy, EnRyu and HyoRyu being stuck in their mechanical seats, being filled with electrical pain.

The Zonder proceeds on trying to make the reactor explode, but is stopped by Volfogg accompanied by Mamoru, helping the ever-calm Entouji to bypass its hold on the base. With still a thirst for power, the Zonder manages to acquire spare parts for GaoGaiGar and forms in a very visual similarity to it. Meanwhile, Guy manages to transform in GaiGar, and with the help of the team-members, transforms in GaoGaiGar. The Zonder seems to be able to keep up with GGG's attacks, but Heaven and Hell destroys it, Entouji noting moments before it happens that a copy cannot overpower the original. Interestingly enough, Entouj treats Inubouzaki as the one he knew and is sad about what he has become.

At the end, Inubouzaki is purified by Mamoru, but it is mentioned Guy has a serious wound.