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A clone of Papillon Noir created by an accidental misfire of the Pas-Q Machine that duplicated the entirety of the Earth] and everything on it, along with the Orbit Base and the Moon, an instant before the death of the original Papillon. Papillon was the only Repli-Jin of a human that survived for more than a few seconds, and escaped to Earth in Kushinada as the Orbit Base fell out of its orbit (to be retrieved and its residents reprogrammed by the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol). The Sensing Mind, which she retained, made her aware that the real Papillon was dead, and she awaited GGG's arrival in the Space Development Corporation's headquarters. Upon their arrival, Papillon joined them for the remainder of King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL. She was unaffected by, and creates an antidote for, Palparepa's nerve-relaxing Paras Particles thanks to the experiments she performed to gain the Sensing Mind.

At the end of FINAL, Papillon disappears with the destruction of Pisa Sol. She says to Kousuke Entouji not to grieve, that she will be returning to his heart forever, and vanishes. This seems to bring Entouji to peace with her death. She has additional speaking lines afterwards, where she explains that every one of us has the same power as the G-Stone - to overcome any difficulties that lie ahead of us as long as we have courage.

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