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Named for the planet Mercury. Mic Sounders the 13th's counterpart in the Soul Masters. Fought in London, Repli-England. Program taking the form of a thin, oblong creature with a musical horn for a head in a white tuxedo, accompanied by a hovering metronome constantly in motion (which is also used as a secondary weapon). Stands atop "BluBalloon," a large, hovering, whale-like object seemingly made from parts of musical instruments. Attacks using extreme sound manipulation (produced from many hovering "PoshuPoshu" speaker pods and played as swing music) capable of ravaging and shattering matter on a gigantic scale.

Destroyed through Solitary Wave manipulation (via the suspension wires on London's Tower Bridge) by Mic Sounders the 13th. Percurio was then replicated several dozen times by Pisa Sol; all of these faded away with its destruction.