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Designed after Galeon left Earth with Mamoru, PhantomGao is a large blue-green and white fighter craft/hover craft that forms the central core of GaoFighGar. Guy is capable of performing Fusion with PhantomGao to form GaoFar. It is capable of independant flight and hovering, and is equipped with both Mirror and Ion Coating as well as Holographic Camouflage. It also projects the Program Rings used during most of GaoFighGar's attacks, as well as during Final Fusion.

PhantomGao is destroyed utterly beyond repair in combat with Palparepa.

Prototype Edit

A prototype version of PhantomGao existed, which was slightly longer and heavier than the final version.

The prototype was kept in storage as a backup, but was pressed into service when Guy returned from the Trinary Solar System, giving him access to a mechanoid once again.

Like the finished vehicle, the prototype possessed the ability to transform into GaoFar, and combine into GaoFighGar.