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Possibly represents the planet Pluto, as a Death Figure, or the Tenth Planet (theoretical at the time of the series' release) due to the name "Decem," which is Latin for "Ten." Soldato J's counterpart in the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol, Pia Decem is a program taking a thin, black form vaguely resembling a scythe-wielding Grim Reaper. Does not speak. Typically under Palus Abel's direct command. Often seen within his ship, Pia Decem PIT, which is the counterpart to J-Ark. PIT is based off of an aircraft carrier, while J-Ark is based off of a battleship. It attacks by launching a fleet of independent kamikaze fighter craft of three separate types. In action, these craft exhibit the same properties as weapons used by the J-Ark and King J-Der. Pillnus refers to Pia Decem as "Shinigami-chan", or "Deathy-pooh", and tends to appear alongside him when clashing with Soldato J and Renais.

Ikumi Kaidou is later installed as Pia Decem PIT's computer core by Palus Abel, connected in such a way that all damage sustained by the ship is routed directly to Arma's body. This was done to deter any attack from Soldato J.

On Palus Abel's orders, Pia Decem is capable of performing Giga Fusion with Pia Decem PIT to form the Giant Mechanoid Pia Decem PEAK. Pia Decem controls PEAK from a kneeling position atop PIT's Loud G-Stone. The Giga Fusion sequence involves a detachment and reattachment of a portion of Pia Decem PIT that appears similar to the J-Bird. Judging by its appearance and Giga Fusion's numerous parallels to Mega Fusion, this section might be capable of transforming into a form similar to J-Der, but this is otherwise unsubstantiated. This form was destroyed in Los Glaciares, Repli-Argentina with a point-blank attack to its Loud G-Stone using King J-Der's Ten-Linked Maser Cannons. Pia Decem PEAK was then replicated several dozen times by Pisa Sol - all of these faded away with her destruction.


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